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Pretty Derby

Pretty Derby

Pretty Derby is an anime series based on the mobile game, Uma Musume: Pretty Derby. The series follows a group of girls who are also anthropomorphic horses trained to compete in races. The main character, Special Week, transfers to a school for training Uma Musume and aims to become the best horse girl in Japan. The series explores themes of friendship, competition, and perseverance. The first season of Pretty Derby aired in Spring 2018, and a second season is scheduled to air in 2022.

1) Special Week

She is a determined and hardworking horse who dreams of becoming the best racehorse in Japan. She is cheerful, friendly, and always eager to learn new things. Special Week is known for her speed and stamina, and her love for carrots.

2) Silence Suzuka

She is a quiet and reserved horse who is extremely focused on achieving her goals. She is highly competitive and driven to win every race. Despite her serious demeanor, she cares deeply for her friends and teammates.

3) Tokai Teio


She is a confident and charismatic horse who thrives on attention and adoration from her fans. She is known for her flashy style and impressive speed. Tokai Teio can come off as arrogant at times, but she truly believes in her abilities and is determined to be the best.

4) Mejiro McQueen

She is a kind and gentle horse who values teamwork and harmony. She has a natural talent for racing but often struggles with confidence issues. Mejiro McQueen is highly empathetic and always tries to understand the feelings of those around her.

In the end,  I hope everyone can find their favorite character in veeget and try to cosplay.