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Choose your favorite character at Good Omens

Choose your favorite character at Good Omens
Good Omens is a novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, first published in 1990. It is a comedic satire about the end of the world, featuring an angel and a demon who have become friends after centuries spent on Earth. The angel Aziraphale and the demon Crowley work together to prevent the apocalypse, which has been prophesied as the coming battle between Heaven and Hell. They must find the Antichrist, who has been mistakenly switched at birth and raised by a British family, before he can bring about the end of the world. "Good Omens" has been adapted into a television series by Amazon Prime Video in 2019.


1. Devil Crowley

Crowley is a demon who loves living on Earth. He is charming, cunning, and possesses a wicked sense of humor. He is comfortable in his own skin and confident in his abilities, which is why he is very good at manipulating humans to do his bidding. He is also very loyal to his friend, Aziraphale, despite the fact that they are from opposing sides. Crowley is not evil incarnate, but rather someone who enjoys chaos and believes in the freedom to choose one's own path.

2. Angel Aziraphale

Aziraphale is an angel who has been on Earth for centuries. He is compassionate, intelligent, and has a true love of books and knowledge. He is also very traditional and values order and structure, which can set him at odds with his fellow angels. Aziraphale is not perfect, but he tries to do the right thing in every situation. His friendship with Crowley is one of the most important things in his life, even though it is frowned upon by both Heaven and Hell. Aziraphale is a believer in the goodness of humanity and tries to steer people towards making good choices.

In the end,  I hope everyone can find their favorite character in Veeget and try to cosplay.