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Resident Evil

Resident Evil

Resident Evil is a highly popular and influential multimedia franchise consisting of video games, movies, novels, comics, and more. It was created by Shinji Mikami and developed and published by Capcom. The franchise is primarily known for its survival horror elements, where players are tasked with navigating through various environments filled with zombies and other horrifying creatures. The gameplay often involves solving puzzles, collecting weapons and ammunition, and managing limited resources in order to survive.


Leon S. Kennedy:

Resident Evil: Death Island Leon S Kennedy Jacket Outfits Cosplay Costume
Leon S. Kennedy is a recurring character in the Resident Evil series, known for his courageous and determined nature. He is often portrayed as a capable and skilled government agent who excels in combat situations. One of his most notable traits is his unwavering sense of justice, which drives him to do whatever it takes to protect innocent lives and eliminate biohazard threats.


Bela Dimitrescu:

Bela Dimitrescu is a character introduced in Resident Evil Village, and she quickly became infamous for her commanding presence and unique characteristics. Bela is a towering figure, exuding a regal and elegant aura. One of her most striking features is her exceptionally tall height and long, pale limbs, adding to her unsettling and enigmatic allure.

Jack Krauser:

Jack Krauser is a former agent of the U.S. government who appears in Resident Evil 4. Known for his ruthless and deadly combat skills, Jack is often portrayed as a tough and uncompromising individual. He is shown to be a highly skilled marksman, utilizing his proficiency with weapons and hand-to-hand combat to eliminate threats efficiently.

In the end,  I hope everyone can find their favorite character in Veeget and try to cosplay.